Rearrange Your Apps Using a Bus

IMG_17811Do you have so many apps that you’ve finally decided  it’s time to get them organized? Let’s assume you already know how to rearrange icons, move them to other screens, and create folders. (If not, you can take my iPad Basics class at the CLC in Ewing, NJ, or check out some of the links at the iPad Academy.) That all works great if you’ve kept up with arranging them as you bought them.  But if you’re like me, suddenly you have 335 apps and not enough organization.  The task is daunting.

Enter a neat little tip to use your existing knowledge to make it all easier.  Create a Bus folder for your apps to hop on and off, as they get to the right page!  I ran across this simple but elegant idea on the iPad Academy blog. Here’s how it works.

IMG_1781-1024x433First, make sure you have no more than 5 icons in your dock at the bottom of the screen.  If you have six, temporarily move one out to leave room for the Bus.

Next, create a new folder by dropping one of the icons you want to move onto a second icon to be moved.  Name the new folder “Bus” (or anything else you want). Then move the Bus folder onto the dock, so it will be available from all screens.

IMG_1784-1024x682Now you’re ready to load up the bus with any icons to be moved off this screen.Then swipe to the next screen, unload any apps that belong on this screen, and add to the Bus any icons to be moved elsewhere.  This would also be a good time to delete those apps you don’t use any more: you can always download them again from the cloud if you want them later.

Take the Bus on down the list of screens and make a return trip, loading and unloading icons on each screen. By the time you get back to the main screen, the Bus should be empty, and the empty folder will then disappear. Only 12 icons can fit on the bus at a time, so if you have a lot to move a long way, you may need to make multiple trips.

Kudos to “Bob” who cam up with this idea!  Do you have any fun tips?  Let us know!

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