Sharing Multiple Apple ID’s

Sharing-Apple-ID1-300x99Lately I’ve been getting more questions about how to handle more than one user and more than one Apple ID for an iPad and/or other Apple devices.  The easiest situation is where only one person uses one or more Apple mobile devices, and needs only one Apple ID.  That’s how I started out. But life gets more complicated than that, as spouses and other family members share an iPad, and may have other devices of their own.

Here is a good article describing the different uses of Apple ID’s, and the pros and cons of having your own ID, or sharing one for each use. Bottom line:

“Essentially what we want to do is to use multiple Apple IDs on a particular device, sharing the existing Apple ID for purchases and downloads and creating a separate one for iCloud and other services – fortunately Apple has made it fairly easy to do in iOS 5.”

This related article discusses the use of iCloud in more detail, again touching on sharing Apple ID’s.

My husband and I have our own iCloud and email accounts, and share everything else.  How many Apple ID’s do you have and/or share?

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