Try Apple’s Free Web-based Word Processor

iWorks-300x112Apple is making the web-based versions  their iWork suite of productivity apps free to everyone with an Apple ID and iCloud account. Strictly speaking, this is not an iPad feature.  However, if you have the iPad version of these apps for word processing, spreadsheets, and/ or presentations, you can now also create, view, and share these same files from you Mac or PC. For free.

To use it, go to and sign in with your Apple ID (which is usually also your iCloud account). iWork for iCloud will also support Microsoft Office documents and can be used with Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome web browsers.

pages1-300x221Early reports say that this on-line version of Apple’s word processor and other tools  are almost as good as the Mac or iOS mobile versions. Pages is a full-featured word processing and page layout app that lets you create and edit anything from basic text documents to more-sophisticated documents such as flyers and brochures. Being a beta, some features are coming soon, but still, it is an impressive set of on-line tools.

To learn more about the word processor, as well as the spreadsheet and presentation tools, see this article.

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