Updating to iOS 7

ipad-ios7Have you updated you iPad to iOS 7 yet?  If so, congratulations! Since the update was released last Wednesday, it is estimated that already 1/4 of the eligible 450 million mobile devices have been updated.

If you have an iPad 2 or later, you can update it for free, right from you iPad (assuming you are currently using iOS5 or iOS 6). In a nutshell, backup your iPad, then take the update found in the Settings app!

The first question is: Should you update? In most cases, the answer is definitely “Yes!” However, if you are happy with your iPad the way it is, or if you are not comfortable with doing an update, your iPad will continue to work as is, just fine.  But as time passes, you may not be able to run some of the newer apps.

This article will cover how to do the update. Later articles will cover some of the highlights of the new iOS 7. If you can’t wait, this article will get you started learning about iOS 7.

Step 1: Backup your iPad

The first step is to do a backup! Nothing should go wrong during the update, and you won’t need to use this backup, but it’s always best to play it safe. (At least, this is true for me — I’ve had an unexpected power failure during a repartitioning of a disk drive, and lost everything on my computer!)

IMG_2548-300x180By now, most of you are probably doing an automatic backup to the cloud each night when you plug in your iPad to recharge.  (If not, consider setting it up now!)  You can do a backup now by going to the Settings app, selecting iCloud on the left, then Storage and Backup on the right. Tap on “Back Up Now” on the page that pops up. Wait for it to finish.

If instead you are backing up your iPad to your computer, plug your iPad into your computer, go to iTunes, and do a backup.  This article  from Apple will give you the official details on both types of backup.

Step 2: Update to iOS 7

IMG_2547-300x167Once you have done a backup, you can start the update. First, you should plug into power, and be sure you have a strong, fast Wi-Fi connection: the update is a large one! Then, in the Settings app, under General on the left, go to Software Update on the right. Alternatively, particularly if you have a slow Wi-Fi connection, you can update using iTunes on your computer.

During the update procedure, you will need to agree to the new terms and conditions, and answer a few questions. My sister’s iPad updated in 30 minutes, but mine took an hour and a half. Be patient.

If you’d like some more details about the update, including screen shots, read this article.

Step 3: Enjoy!

I’ll be writing more about the specific features of iOS 7 soon. Meanwhile, although many things are the same in iOS 7, read this article  for 10 tips on using the new iOS 7. My favorite new feature is the automatic organization of photos.

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2 Responses to Updating to iOS 7

  1. Reiford Harmon says:

    Updated to iOS 7, hate it. It jumbled all my pictures and moved them from the folders I had them in to other unrelated folders. Called Apple Support and all they could tell me was to back up from my PC. BUT, these were pictures I had selected from different folders on my PC, pictures I had taken with my IPad camera AND from my camera sd card, so there was no way to get an exact set of each folder’s pictures. I had done backups to icloud regularly and the Apple support person told me to do a restore on my IPad, (which wiped everything out), and to restore my IPad from icloud.
    It took three solid days, (72 hrs) to restore and when finished, over 4,000 pictures and 190 songs were missing. The Icloud backups I had been doing had NOT saved ALL of my pictures and music.
    Wish I had NEVER updated to iOS 7. Lost a lot of cherished pictures and music.

    • mpodlecki says:

      I’m really sorry to hear about your experience — it is a bummer! People do need understand what is and what is not backed up to iCloud. I hope those who see this will check out what media files they have on their iPad and which are saved where!

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