Which Tablet Should You Get?

tabletPCs-300x258I sometimes get the question, “Which is the best tablet? How do the others compare to the iPad?”

Of course, I think the iPad is the best one around. And I do believe it has the best overall user experience, the highest quality apps and games, the widest range of services, the best selection of accessories, and the best customer support.

But sometimes, in rare cases, one of the other tablets may  better suit your needs. Other tablets may offer better subsidized pricing, or digitizer support, or Microsoft compatibility, or simply have nothing Apple about them. In which case Samsung’s Galaxy, Google’s Nexus, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, or Microsoft’s Surface or RT tablets may better match your needs.

So if your friends and family ask you why you chose an iPad, or which tablet they should  get, read this article by Rene Ritchie so you can better understand and explain why the iPad is the best, but when to consider other tablets.

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