Ready to Ditch Your Computer and Go All iPad?

switching-from-laptop-to-ipadIn this post-PC era, some people are ready to try abandoning their computer entirely and using an iPad (or other tablet) for all their computer needs.  Have you been wondering how this would work? Maybe you’re trying to put off a computer upgrade for a little longer. Or are you ready to put your personal computer days behind you?

Geoffrey Goetz has written an excellent article on what the challenges are, and what solutions are available today. He covers such areas as how to deal with those few internet sites that still require Adobe Flash, what to do when a web site insists on presenting you with a mobile-only (often stripped-down) view, how to handle your massive photo collection, and what to do about storage of all those files you currently have on your computer, as well as how to access them from your iPad.

As you might guess, apps and cloud storage and services are the answer to many of these questions. Goetz gives specific recommendations of strategies, apps,  products, and services.  For example, did you know there are networked storage devices you can buy to set up your own cloud-based system at home?

If you’re wondering what a mobile-only computing solution might look like, don’t miss this article!

And here is a more recent article!

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