Check the Available Space On Your iPad

IMG_2774If you’ve had your iPad for awhile, you may be wondering where all that storage space has gone.  When you first got it, it seemed like there was so much room available!  I have a friend who regained 10 GB of space when she deleted the season’s worth of episodes of a TV show she’d watched and then forgotten that she downloaded.

You can check how your space is being used by going to the Settings app, tapping on General in the left-hand column, then on Usage in the right-hand column (or iPad Storage on more recent systems). If you’ve got a lot of “stuff” on your iPad, it may take a while to gather all the info, so be patient while the gear wheel is spinning.(If you’d like more screenshots of this procedure, this blog post has them.)

As you can see in the screen shot above (click on it for a larger image), my photos are using 2.5 GB of storage.  It may be time to move some of those to Dropbox. And I really don’t play Angry Birds anymore, so I could save a half gig by deleting that app — I can always download it again if I want (assuming it is still available in the App Store).

In later posts here I’ll cover some of the other strategies for freeing up space. Or, if you live in central New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania, the CLC at Ewing is offering a new class called “Decluttering Your iPad”, as well as one on using Dropbox Cloud Services on the iPad”. Visit the CLC  Web Site for details, and sign up here.


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