iPad or iPhone Charging More Slowly?

lintHave you found that you iPad or iPhone is taking a lot longer to charge than it used to? The problem may be dust bunnies! Depending on where you carry and keep your device, a lot of dust, lint and other gunk can build up in the little connector port. This is particularly true if you carry your iPhone in your pocket. If you’d like to see how much dust that little space can hold,  watch this YouTube video!

Before attempting to clean out the connector port, be sure you have turned off your device (not just put it to sleep)!

Free-shipping-75pcs-font-b-Dental-b-font-font-b-Floss-b-font-Picks-Waxed-TeethI’ve read of various ways to clean out the port. My favorite is using a floss pick — it has a plastic pointy end that is slightly flexible with little barbs that can grab the dust and lint. Others ideas include a toothpick or sharpened broken Q-Tip stick. I’m a little more leery of using a wire or anything metal, or using compressed air, which can blow the lint deeper. (As a quilter, I know this is a real no-no when cleaning tight spaces on sewing machines where lint really builds up.)

The safest alternative is to take it to the Genius Bar at your Apple Store and let them deal with it!


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