Viewing Photo Exif Data

viewexifHere’s an app that I’ve been waiting for — and what’s even better, it’s an extension.  This means that I can view  Exif information such as the date, time,  location, and camera settings data while I’m looking at the photo in the Photos app!  More details on this app can be found in this article from AppleWorld.Today, but here is briefly how it works.

1. Using the App Store app, download and install the ViewExif app as you would any other app. (The app is usually $0.99 but is now free for a limited time.)

IMG_28782. In the Photos app, select a photo and view it, then tap on the Share button. On the window that pops up, tap the More button on the second row of icons. Turn on the ViewExif extension. (You only need to do this once.)

IMG_28793. Now the ViewExif icon will appear in the second row of the Share button options. Tap on it to see the Exif data!

You can access this information not only in the Photos app, but any app that has the Share icon for photos.

As an added bonus, you can share the photo after removing this Exif data by tapping on the Share button in the  corner of the Exif data display.

If you’d like more specific help with using this app, including screen shots, you can open the ViewExif app and step through the User Manual.


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