Quick Tip: Take a Photo with the Volume Up Button

how_to_take_photo_volume_up_button_screensI recently was talking to Theresa, one of my iPad students, and she mentioned she missed a photo opportunity because it was so cold!  Here in the northeast US we’ve had a very cold February. Theresa had the scene all set in her Camera app, but when she tapped the screen to take the photo, nothing happened!  Her dry, cold finger would not register a tap on the screen. But wait! You can also take a photo by pushing the physical volume up button on the side of your iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch).

So whether it is the cold, or just a situation where tapping the screen is difficult, remember that volume up button. And as an added bonus, if you have a headset with volume controls, you can plug those in and use the volume up button on the cord. This lets you set up the iPad and then actually step away to snap the photo. I find this handy when I want to be sure my iPad is perfectly steady — no blurry pictures for me!

For more on this and other tips for taking photos, see this article from iMore.

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