Use the iPad Keyboard as a Trackpad!

quicktype-swipe-iPad-iOS-9Have you ever been frustrated while trying to edit text using the iPad’s on-screen keyboard?  Using the magnifying glass to position the cursor was an improvement over not being able to move the cursor at all, but it still wasn’t very helpful.

With iOS9, Apple has added an awesome feature — using two fingers, you can turn your keyboard into a trackpad! Just touch two fingers down on the keyboard: the text on the keys will disappear and the keyboard will be greyed out.  You are now in trackpad mode!

The key to making this work is to be sure your fingers are a little distance apart — like maybe an inch — rather than touching, as they appear in the above photo. I had given up on making this feature work, until I read that hint! So spread those fingers!

Another hint — I have never seen it documented, but in fact, you can place your two fingers in the text area and move them around to move the cursor.  I find this easier than putting them over the keyboard, which sometimes starts selecting text, rather than just moving the cursor.  If in fact you do want to select text, tap once (with the two fingers) to select a word, twice to select a sentence and three times to select a paragraph. This post on  iMore will give you further details on all these features.

For me, easily moving that cursor is sweet enough!

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