Photos For You in iOS12

Photos For YouHave you updated your iPad to iOS12 yet? Are you a frequent user of the Photos app? Then you probably noticed some changes.  The most noticeable  is the new tab titled “For You.” It replaces the outgoing “Memories” and “Shared” tabs and combines both of those categories as well as additional content.

Briefly, this includes the following:

First up, at the top of this tab, is all the Shared Album Activity. I particularly noticed this, as it is where my family shares photos and conversations.

Below that is the Memories section, which has been there for some time.

Next is a new section called Featured Photos. The app has chosen these photos as ones it thinks are well done!

At the bottom are Sharing Suggestions. These are based on the people it recognizes in your photos! For example, we took many pictures on our last trip to the beach, including some of my husband. So it suggested I share with him all the photos from that trip.

For more information on all these parts of the new “For You” tab, visit this AppleInsider webpage. And if you would like to watch a demo, it includes a link to a YouTube video.

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1 Response to Photos For You in iOS12

  1. Ann Hannawacker says:

    Thanks, Mary Kay. I downloaded IOS12, and Joe’s seems to download itself. ( It’s good, because he never downloads anything.😂). We have to study 12 some more. I do like taking pictures, and viewing what they do with them- dates, places, etc.

    See you at the luncheon.

    An & Joe

    Sent from my iPad


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