Transferring Data From an Android Phone to an iPhone

MoveToiOSAre you one of the many people who has owned an Android smartphone, and is now switching to an iPhone? Just upgrading from an older iPhone to a newer one can be very easy and straight forward. But switching your digital life between ecosystems, such as between Android and Apple, can be more daunting.

Apple offers assistance with the “Move to iOS” Android app. Yes, Apple has an app in the Google Play Store! This app will help you port your essential data from your Android phone over to your new iPhone.  (Note that there is also help for going from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, but that’s a topic for a different blog!)

The initial setup process on the iPhone can be quite easy, until you start wondering about all your data, such as contact lists, messages, and extensive photo collections.

So Apple helps with the app, “Move to iOS“.  While it won’t move everything you have on your Android over to your iPhone, it will take care of essential items, which may be considered some of the trickier items to shift.

move-to-ios-iphone-1-restore-screenThe Move to iOS app must be used at a specific stage of the initial setup process, so it’s a good idea to take a look at the links below, and plan ahead before you start the process. During setup of your iPhone, the iPhone will offer you four options: choose “Move Data from Android.”

This article from AppleInsider goes into more detailed information, including screenshots.

And this article from iMore includes explanations and a very nice video of the setup taking place, so you know what to expect. Nice!

Since I have been an iPhone user for a couple generations, I cannot tell you from personal experience how well it works. If you’ve tried it, what was your experience with it?

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