Do Not Disturb

Do Not DisturbDo you make good use of the Do Not Disturb feature of your iPhone or iPad? I think it is too often overlooked, so let’s take a quick look at it today.

A friend of mine recently almost missed her 6:30 am event (a sunrise meditation) because her three live-wire young boys had worn her out the previous night, and she fell asleep before she had a chance to set Do Not Disturb on her iPhone. During the night her husband got tired of the notifications and buzzes, and completely turned off her phone! So no alarm in the morning. Luckily her toddler still got up before the sun and saved the day.

But this could all be avoided by setting a standard time for Do Not Disturb.

First, let’s be clear about what is affected by Do Not Disturb. In this mode, the phone will still collect all your alerts, but will do so silently. And only calls and notifications are affected — alarms will still go off as usual. But if you are worried about missing an important call, you can go to the Settings app and customize what happens with different phone calls.

To turn Do Not Disturb on and off on the spur of the moment, you can still use the Notification Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or down from the upper right corner, depending on what version of iOS you are using).

But if you know you don’t want to be disturbed on any night from 10 pm until 6 in the morning, you can schedule that in the Settings app.

Do-Not-Disturb-iphone-hero_0So head over to the Settings app, scroll down to the Do Not Disturb section, and check out the options. Check out this article by iMore for all the details, including screenshots. And start getting some undisturbed sleep, without missing your important phone calls or your alarm!

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