Silence iPhone Ringer Instantly

silence-iphone-call-volumeHow often are you sitting in a meeting, or a movie, or in church, when someone’s iPhone starts ringing (often with some creative and very distracting sound)? This is often followed by the sound of someone clawing through their bag or pocket, trying to find the offending device to silence it.

Of course, the best solution is to have remembered to set the “silent switch” beforehand. But even at this tell-tale moment, there is a simple, hopefully quick, solution. Just reach into your pocket or bag and squeeze the iPhone to hit either volume button on the side of the iPhone. This will instantly stop the ringer from sounding an alert or vibration, without hanging up. Thus the caller thinks it is still ringing.

Remember, it is just one hit of either button, and this call is silenced — it does not affect future calls.

If you’d like to know more about the details, see this article in OSXDaily.

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2 Responses to Silence iPhone Ringer Instantly

  1. Carl Vannozzi says:

    That is a cool tip. Sorry I missed the meeting Thrus. There was a mix up with my 1pm appt and I had to wait 30 mins hope it went well.

    Also wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas



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