How to Use the Magnifier Feature

One of Apple’s most useful accessibility features was designed for people with limited vision. However, this Magnifier feature is useful for anyone whose eyes are tired, or who can’t read the small print on a bottle, or who is struggling to read the menu in a dimly light restaurant.  You may have used the iPhone’s or iPad’s camera app to zoom in and help solve these problems.  However, the Magnifier feature has some helpful additional capabilities.

It’s easy to enable the Magnifier feature. Go to the Settings app, tap on General, then open the Accessibility tab. Tap Magnifier and tap the toggle to enable it.

Once it is enabled,  you can turn it on with a triple-click on the home button (or the side button, depending on your model). When finished,  just click once on the same button to turn off the feature.

If you prefer, you can  enable the Magnifier in the Control Center:  go to Settings, tap on Control Center, then open Customize Controls. Next tap the green Plus button next to Magnifier. Now, to use the feature, open the Control Center and tap on the Magnifier button.

While in the magnifier, you can also freeze frame, zoom in, invert colors, lock focus, and turn on the flash for better lighting.

If you’d like further details on the Magnifier feature with accompanying screen shots, go to this article from MacRumors, or this article from 9TO5Mac.

Don’t forget to share this tip with your friends and relatives, the next time you see them squinting at that small print in dim light!

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1 Response to How to Use the Magnifier Feature

  1. Carl Vannozzi says:

    Very cool I just enabled mine like it👍🏻


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