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How to Get Rid of Split Screen

Apple has added a Split Screen feature to iOS that allows you to show more than one application at a time on the iPad. This comes in various flavors in different releases of the software and on different generations of … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb

Do you make good use of the Do Not Disturb feature of your iPhone or iPad? I think it is too often overlooked, so let’s take a quick look at it today. A friend of mine recently almost missed her … Continue reading

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New Touch ID Rules

Do you use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor  to unlock your iPad or iPhone?  It certainly is a handy feature to keep your device secure with a passcode while still making it fast and easy to unlock your device. If … Continue reading

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Use the iPad Keyboard as a Trackpad!

Using two fingers you can turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad! Continue reading

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How to Re-Enable All-Caps on Virtual Keyboard

I was looking forward to the new keyboard feature in iOS 9 — the one that made it clear  whether you were typing in upper or lower case by displaying the correct case on the keys. I thought this was … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Take a Photo with the Volume Up Button

I recently was talking to Theresa, one of my iPad students, and she mentioned she missed a photo opportunity because it was so cold!  Here in the northeast US we’ve had a very cold February. Theresa had the scene all … Continue reading

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iPad or iPhone Charging More Slowly?

Have you found that you iPad or iPhone is taking a lot longer to charge than it used to? The problem may be dust bunnies! Depending on where you carry and keep your device, a lot of dust, lint and … Continue reading

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