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Avoid Accidental iPhone Emergency Calls

Being able to call for help in an emergency is a great feature.  However, an automatic calls means it is sometimes used accidentally. Just this week I was sitting at the table working on a jigsaw puzzle when my iPhone, … Continue reading

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How to Use the Magnifier Feature

One of Apple’s most useful accessibility features was designed for people with limited vision. However, this Magnifier feature is useful for anyone who’s eyes are tired, or who can’t read the small print on a bottle, or who is struggling to read the menu in a dimly light restaurant. The Magnifier feature of the iPad or iPhone can make life just a little easier! Continue reading

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Instantly Share Wi-Fi Password

If you’ve been traveling this holiday season, chances are fairly good that you’ve connected one of your devices to a Wi-Fi network it hasn’t been connected to before. I know the two of us have quite a collection of devices … Continue reading

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Silence iPhone Ringer Instantly

How often are you sitting in a meeting, or a movie, or in church, when someone’s iPhone starts ringing (often with some creative and very distracting sound)? This is often followed by the sound of someone clawing through their bag … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of Split Screen

Apple has added a Split Screen feature to iOS that allows you to show more than one application at a time on the iPad. This comes in various flavors in different releases of the software and on different generations of … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb

Do you make good use of the Do Not Disturb feature of your iPhone or iPad? I think it is too often overlooked, so let’s take a quick look at it today. A friend of mine recently almost missed her … Continue reading

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New Touch ID Rules

Do you use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor  to unlock your iPad or iPhone?  It certainly is a handy feature to keep your device secure with a passcode while still making it fast and easy to unlock your device. If … Continue reading

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Use the iPad Keyboard as a Trackpad!

Using two fingers you can turn your iPad keyboard into a trackpad! Continue reading

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How to Re-Enable All-Caps on Virtual Keyboard

I was looking forward to the new keyboard feature in iOS 9 — the one that made it clear  whether you were typing in upper or lower case by displaying the correct case on the keys. I thought this was … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Take a Photo with the Volume Up Button

I recently was talking to Theresa, one of my iPad students, and she mentioned she missed a photo opportunity because it was so cold!  Here in the northeast US we’ve had a very cold February. Theresa had the scene all … Continue reading

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